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Cricket Introduced To St. Charles West (MO) Elementary Schools


Received from USYCA Affiliate member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:

Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) conducted 2 hours Cricket presentation to St. Charles West Elementary School PE Teachers on January 24th 2014. The 2 hours presentation was hosted in the Gym of Blackhurst Elementary School from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Thanks to Heidi Rezsonya, Blackhurst Elementary School PE Teacher, for setting up the facility and coordinating with MYCA on this event.

Here are the Teachers who attended the presentation:
1. Christine Meyer, Harris Elementary School
2. Cathi Chandler, Monroe Elementary School
3. Angela Poindexter, Monroe Elementary School
4. Andren Cagle, Null Elementary School
5. Mark Berger, Lincoln Elementary School
6. Shawn Trower, Coverdell Elementary School

7. Heidi Rezsonya, Blackhurst Elementary School

The teachers attended the cricket presentation with great interest and asked many questions to understand the sport better. It is surprising how many people do not know the rich history of cricket in United States of America. Cricket is 2nd the most popular sport in the world and the first International Cricket match was played in New York in 1844. This sport was one of most popular past times even before baseball was born. USA is member of International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1965, i.e. the time ICC was formed.

After the presentation, we divided the teachers in pairs and played Double Wicket cricket amongst them, and all the teachers quickly adapted to the game and seemed to enjoy it. The easiest way to explain the game to someone is to let them play. We are hoping teachers would take this wonderful sport to their schools and introduce it to their elementary students during PE Time. Missouri Youth Cricket Association has committed to help every school that wants to introduce the sport in their school in every possible way. Please visit www.mocricket.org/ and click Schools tab for more details.

I would like to thank Christina Tucker for joining me in leading this presentation. Christina is a MYCA Community Outreach Officer, a resident of North County and she has been supporting MYCA with School and Community programs since last year. She plans to introduce to Cricket to her children. She is very passionate about cricket and self- motivated person. If we can get few more Officers like her, Missouri can become one of leading states in America in terms of Youth Cricket Development.

And finally, we would like to show our gratitude to USYCA for providing the free cricket sets for school. The PE teacher can take the cricket sets and use it to introduce the sport to their students. USYCA has been a pioneer in taking the sport to American kids at grass root level, and has strongly supported MYCA since its inception. MYCA is grateful for the partnership with USYCA in their mission of making Cricket a true American sport and thanks to everyone who has been a companion in the journey so far.

For more information, photographs and videos visit our website http://mocricket.org/


Ranjeet Singh
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) Secretary & Academy Head Coach



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