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USYCA Welcomes New Associate Member Washington Warriors

January 31, 2011

The USYCA is pleased to introduce the Washington Warriors Cricket Club as its newest Associate member.

The Warriors, formerly the Himalayan Cricket Club, was formed in 1999 with just a starting XI, and today boast over 45 members. In 2010 they won the WCL Jefferson B West group title and made it to the quarterfinals of the T20 tournament. The Warriors are also active in a tennis ball league and are affiliated with the Virginia Lionz Club.

Warriors' President Suresh Neelapala believes that clubs, which are made up of individuals of various nationalities, religious backgrounds, and walks of life, have a responsibility to think about the future of cricket in the United States.

"There is no question that the younger generation hold the key to the future of cricket in the United States and the world," Neelapala said. "I have seen the interest in our youth and believe that if provided an opportunity to play cricket, they would embrace it. The work done by USYCA is proof of that.

"To those that love the sport, there is no better joy than seeing boys and girls in schools across the United States playing cricket," Neelapala said. "If individual clubs can take inspiration from what is being done by USYCA to foster the sport, and engage kids in their respective communities, we can easily accomplish this goal. The Washington Warriors understand the need for such a grass roots effort and recognizes the success USYCA has had in such a short term. We are glad to be affiliated with USYCA and realize that by working together we not only spread the sport but are ensuring its sustainability."

For the Washington Warriors, the outlook for 2011 is very promising. With the change in identity, the Warriors are hoping to build on the success they have had this past season. The members are very excited and looking forward to getting back out onto the field and are also looking at reaching out to the community and conducting a cricket clinic at one of the local schools this season.

The USYCA wishes the Warriors the best of luck in the upcoming WCL campaign and looks forward to working with them to develop youth cricket in Northern Virginia.




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