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USYCA To Place 500 Cricket Sets In 2011; Partners Needed

February 5, 2011

The USYCA's "American Cricket Champ" sets have begun to arrive, and we want to extend an invitation to individuals, clubs and organizations to join with us in making sure these sets find their way into the hands of children across the country. USYCA will supply the cricket sets for free, only asking that the receiver assume the shipping charges for the sets. As an example, a 30 lb. case of four sets will cost about $20 by USPS Parcel Post to Chicago.

USYCA is interested in working with groups and individuals that share our vision for taking cricket into American schools, and will work closely with organizations and volunteers to identify target schools, and then to see that those schools get cricket for their PE classes. USYCA can assist as much as is needed, even contacting target schools and setting up the delivery day, if the local volunteers don't feel confident enough at first. The idea is to get cricket started in schools across America, and then to nurture those schools cricket programs over time.

All that we ask is that a local organization become a USYCA affiliate, and our local contact in the area. Our annual affiliate fee is $50.

There are many benefits to USYCA affiliation, including access to reduced-rate youth cricket insurance, very inexpensive background checks for those in your organization, opportunities for publicity and receiving other shared resources from USYCA. Something else we do is to produce articles that appear on our website, which are then promoted by email, on Facebook and Twitter.

If you or your group would be interested in working with USYCA to grow youth cricket in America, please contact us at: info@usyca.org.


The first case of cricket sets going out, February 7, 2011.

USYCA cricket sets were shipped out to the OCCA (CA) on February 7. Just the first of many going out to youth programs across the USA.



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