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SCtCA Hosts USYCA President, Steps Up For Youth Cricket

On Saturday, Feb. 11, USYCA President Jamie Harrison addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Southern Connecticut Cricket Association, whose member teams have been very supportive of USYCA's efforts on behalf of youth cricket. Harrison spent the weekend in Connecticut at the invitation of SCtCA President Leighton Greenidge and his executive board.

In his address, Harrison spoke to the delegates about a national vision for cricket development, emanating from the top but implemented through hundreds of partnerships at the grassroots level. Harrison explained that at this moment, the critical work for US cricket is happening at the foundation level, which causes it to go unnoticed by the casual observer. He stressed that this foundational work must be accomplished if the USA is to have consistent, long-term success. Harrison also touched on the inevitable emergence of an American style of cricket, which will be easily distinguished from other nations.

After delivering his message, Harrison fielded a number of questions from the audience.

At the conclusion of the AGM, Harrison was presented with a $700 check from the member clubs of the SCtCA, and an award commemorating his appearance there.

Also at the meeting was Rich Deecken, who fashioned his own cricket set out of PVC plumbing pipes so that he could start an after school cricket program at Geraldine Johnson Elementary School in Bridgeport, CT. Deecken was congratulated for his inventiveness and determination, and presented with a USYCA  American Cricket Champ set for his school.

A complete set of photos from the event can be found here.

USYCA President Jamie Harrison speaks to delegates at the SCtCA  AGM.

SCtCA President Leighton Greenidge, SCtCA Champion West Haven CC President

Rakesh Kallem, and USYCA President Jame Harrison pose with the championship trophy.

Rich Deecken of Geraldine Johnson Elementary School and USYCA President

Jamie Harrison.



SCtCA President Leighton Greenidge presents USYCA President Jamie Harrison

with a $700 check.

SCtCA President Leighton Greenidge presents USYCA President Jamie Harrison

with a commemoration of his visit.


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