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United States Youth Cricket Association
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US Junior Cricket Affiliates With USYCA

February 15, 2011


USYCA is pleased to announce that United States Junior Cricket has become a USYCA affiliate member.

USJC, which began life as the California Youth Cricket Development Program in 1998, saw from its very beginnings the absolute necessity of bringing cricket to children in American schools. This vision expanded to become USJC, with affiliates in many states; many of those involved with USJC are, in fact, now working with USYCA, which shouldn't be surprising since the missions of the two organizations are so similar. In its history, USJC has benefited from the experience of such talents as Malcolm Nash, former captain of Glamorgan County and former Indian test cricketer Abid Ali.

USJC's website lists its mission as:

  • To introduce cricket to children through "in school" coaching programs.
  • To follow "in school" introduction with extra curricular coaching and opportunities for youngsters to practice in a conducive atmosphere.
  • To encourage young cricketers to play socially and in age group regulated, local, national and international competition.
  • To train coaches and teachers to expand the "in school" program.
  • To sponsor, local, national and international events for all age groups of junior cricketers

These goals also reflect what USYCA believes is necessary to grow cricket among young people in the United States.

"We are delighted with what USYCA has done and commend you for your great effort and vision," David Sentance, President of the SCCA affiliate of USJC said.

"USYCA is thrilled to be joined by an organization of such renown and history as USJC," Jamie Harrison, President of USYCA said. "We look forward to working with USJC to spread cricket to playing fields throughout America."



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