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East Bay YCA Launches Player Rating System


USYCA has received the following media release from Affiliate member East Bay Youth Cricket Association:

The newly elected executive committee of the East Bay Youth Cricket Association (EYCA) today announced the launch of a comprehensive Player Rating System (PRS) for its members. PRS was designed and developed by team of professional consultants from various areas of expertise required to make today’s players a complete athlete. “Given EYCA’s growth in the last 2 years it was necessary to come up with a system to consistently rate the members across all our locations”, said Venki Subramanian, President of EYCA. “I am glad we have opened 2013 on a very strong note with the launch of PRS.”

PRS, which is based on 4 main pillars of team sports, is designed to encourage excellence. The system will unambiguously identify areas of strengths and improvements. It will help determine actionable goals for players to move up the rating ladder. Statistical information available from PRS will be an invaluable tool for all members to measure how they are doing in comparison to others and help establish a benchmark for tracking their progress.

PRS will also provide valuable information to coaches, selectors & administrators to:

  • Monitor each members’ progress and plan program improvements
  • Identify and plan special training programs
  • Select balanced teams for various tournaments
  • Recognize and reward top performers based on an objective criteria


“We at EYCA, a non-profit organization, have always focused on promoting the ART of Cricket”, added Venki. “We hope to introduce more such initiatives as we continue to mature as an organization.”

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