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Midwest Cricket Conference Teams Up With USYCA

March 1, 2011


USYCA is pleased to announce that the Midwest Cricket Conference, one of the oldest and largest cricket leagues in the United States, has joined the organization as an Associate Member.

The Midwest Cricket Conference was established in 1965 and is comprised of teams from Chicagoland and cities such as Peoria, Milwaukee, Madison and St. Louis. The league has grown from 12 teams in 1995 to over 47 teams in the 2004, and has long sought to introduce the game to new groups and youth.

"To develop cricket in America and other cricket developing nations, the key is to penetrate into the grassroots levels of education," Shekhs Aravind, President of the MWCC said. "The game needs to be introduced in school and park districts, so that it develops into a more popular game, beyond the box of an immigrant game status. For this, each cricket league and region should work with individual cities, park districts and school districts to involve these institutions in developing interest among our youth.

"It is my dream, and a key point on my agenda, to develop the great game of cricket in this region. It's one thing is to run a cricket league for all of the interested folks in the area, but the most important point is to develop the game at the grassroots level, so that this game will be embraced by all Americans, just not the immigrants."

"USYCA couldn't be happier to have the Midwest Cricket Conference on board," USYCA President Jamie Harrison said. "Shekhs and his team lead an impressive organization, representing hundreds of cricketers, and we're honored that they have chosen to work with USYCA to take our great game to young people in the Midwest."



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