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East Bay Youth Cricket Joins USYCA


California's East Bay Youth Cricket Association was formed in late 2010 with a vision to build a structured, curriculum-based program and a culture epitomizied by the motto: "Earning things with required effort is the only way to grow and become successful."

East Bay's popularity began to grow and soon membership swelled. By mid 2011, the club was entering two teams into any youth games they could play with other cities in California, while honing their skills with regular internal games. As the number of dedicated players keeps increasing, so has the need for coaches and infrastructure. The club is lucky to have in its midst some excellent and certified coaches and a management team which has formed some key partnerships and connections to provide year-round coaching, as well as exposure to deserving kids in adult leagues. This hard work has been rewarded, with EYCA now boasting four teams across various age groups in three Bay Area locations, supported by a growing membership pool.

Coming off an extremely successful year in 2010-11, EYCA is looking ahead to an exciting 2012 with at least four teams in each of its Major (age 9 -15) and Minor (age 6 - 9) groups. Priorities for this year include expansion of its leagues at each of its three locations across the Bay Area, the building of state of the art infrastructure (outdoor and nets), partnering with various clubs to develop youth leagues for U9-U17 and arranging international connections for coaching and games.

The most exciting thing to look forward to this year will be the performances of the talented and dedicated EYCA youth, with many knocking doors at national levels with their performances in adult leagues. EYCA hopes these exciting youngsters will make their coaches proud by showcasing some memorable performances and taking their game to the national level.

EYCA's mission is to spread the "Art of Cricket" among youngsters throughout the Bay Area and beyond. A long term goal is also to foster creation of a national youth league promoting competitive play among U9 to U17 age groups. Performances at this stage will provide them invaluable experience and a showcase platform to get noticed regionally and nationally.

East Bay now has strengthened its position by joining USYCA, which it looks to as a support for its local and national goals.

"In USYCA, EYCA finds a partner with the same national vision, and an organization that has invested in development of youth and popularizing the sport of cricket at the national level," said EYCA President Gopal Samant. "Most importantly, it has the channels, resources and experience, leveraging which we can take this game to local communities. EYCA looks forward to making cricket the most popular game in the Bay Area local community by partnering with USYCA."

"USYCA is impressed with the focus, vision and rapid growth of the East Bay Youth Cricket Association," President Jamie Harrison said. "This is clearly a program that is doing things the right way, and we are thrilled to have them join us. USYCA looks forward to helping EYCA develop young cricketers and achieve its goals in the Bay Area."




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