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Two More Indiana Schools Get Into Cricket

March 9, 2011


Jatin Patel and the Indiana Youth Cricket Association are off and running, this time in the towns of Lebanon and Muncie.

Recently, Jatin Patel, the 2nd Vice President of USYCA and IYCA President, visited Traders Point Christian Academy to deliver its free cricket kit and provided education and training tips to PE instructor Jeff Johnston.

The school is ready to launch its youth cricket program for its students (both within a PE class setting and as a cricket club), and is looking forward to expanding the game.

"It's a great thing to have such an exciting sport for the teachers and students at no cost," Johnston said. "This will benefit the school's educational and sports needs, as well as our future youth programs. I'm also excited to learn this game from pros like Jatin Patel, and I'm thankful for his efforts to provide a demonstration and his willingness to give us more cricket training for the kids in the future."

Johnston isn't a cricket expert by any means.

"I know some basics of cricket, and I'm eager to learn more about it," Johnston said. "Most of my students probably haven't heard about game at all, nor they have seen cricket equipment.

I'm looking forward to seeing competitive youth cricket games here in Indiana."

Cricket is also starting in Muncie schools.

Bethany Clegg of Storer Elementary School met with Patel recently to receive her school's cricket kit.

"Every year we do a unit called 'Games Played Around the World'," Clegg said. "I have always wanted to incorporate cricket, but I didn't have the proper equipment."

She plans on using the equipment in Physical Education classes, and may also make a set available to the students at recess as the amount of equipment available for use at recess is very low, according to Clegg.

She has emailed other elementary and middle school physical education teachers and is hopeful that cricket can be added to the schools' vertical curriculum alignment.

"It's great to have such free options, considering our current school budget situation, and also it can help many teachers who have been working for many years with older equipment," Clegg said. "We need new ideas and initiatives and cricket will make a difference in our schools. I'm really looking forward to involving myself in cricket education for schools here in Indiana."




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