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Cricket Association Of Nebraska Joins USYCA

March 14, 2011



Coach Deepali Rokade provides instruction at the Junior Summer Camp.

Students enjoy a game of cricket at King Science Magnet Center, Omaha.


USYCA is proud to announce that the Cricket Association of Nebraska (CAN) has become a part of the USYCA team.

CAN was established in 2010 with a charter to promote and develop cricket in the Midwest region. CAN believes that that development process must start at the grassroots level through the development of youth cricket in the local schools. To accomplish this, CAN has promoted cricket to youth within their community through a series of demonstrations in schools and cricket camps.

In the past year CAN has organized several Junior Cricket Camps for students at Beveridge Magnet Middle School in Omaha, NE, under the expert guidance of a certified level II coach, Deepali Rokade. In addition, they have conducted numerous cricket demonstrations at multiple Magnet Centers within the Omaha Public Schools system. This year, CAN and the Omaha Public Schools Magnet system have unveiled plans to organize a youth tournament and further expand the cricket demonstrations program in Omaha Public Schools system.

In addition to the Junior Cricket Development Program, CAN's adult team will participate in the Heartland Cricket League as the Nebraska Cricket Club team.

The club's youth cricket, adult cricket team, and outreach activities are funded by its members and through advertising and fund-raiser revenue from the local community in Omaha. The club's 2010 fund-raising activity generated revenue in excess of $9,000.00 for the fiscal year. This revenue was in addition to the club's membership dues and other income streams.

"The partnership with USYCA is a continuation of our vision to promote and market Cricket to the younger generation," said Dr. C.S. Manish, President of CAN. "We are very excited about the various USYCA initiatives, especially the USYCA Schools Program, which will help provide schools with the necessary equipment and resources to encourage them to add cricket to their standard curriculum. This is the best way to gain local acceptance for the sport we love.

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend Jamie Harrison and the USYCA for their enthusiasm and vision for developing cricket at the grassroots level in the United States," Manish said.

"USYCA is very excited to have as a member such an active and engaged organization as the Cricket Association of Nebraska," Harrison said. "Building on the youth cricket foundation already there, we look forward to spreading our game throughout the region."




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