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Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Visited By USYCA

Recently Cara Burchett, PE Teacher at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Indianapolis, invited USYCA Vice President Jatin Patel of the Indiana Youth Cricket Association to her school to launch a cricket program. The Indianapolis School for the Blind and Visually Impaired was established in 1847, just few years after the first ever international cricket game between the USA and Canada.

Burchett learned about cricket at last year's Indiana PE Teachers Conference, where Patel introduced cricket. Once she knew about the USYCA program for free cricket sets and training, she contacted Jatin for more information.

Here's what Burchett said about her experience:

"First of all, thanks to Mr. Jatin Patel - Vice President, USYCA for the cricket set and initial instructions to launch this program at our schools.

On very first response, I was very excited, as Mr. Patel offered his services to come out and hold a cricket practice for our students. In next few emails I got some detailed information about coaching and game ideas. I was thrilled to learn more about cricket.

It's now reality, as Mr. Patel came out and provided a training session for the kids and at the same time an explanation about cricket. After about 45 minutes of drills and skill activities, the children started playing indoor cricket. A group of teachers were also excited to jump into this sport.

I appreciate the effort of Jatin Patel to come out and run this practice session, and for his offer to help with coaching materials and future visits if needed.

I am excited about cricket and plan to use the cricket equipment in regular Physical Education classes, and also in recess or after school activities.

We are up for the game and we want to prove that these kids can play."

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