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NJ Youth Cricket Program Makes NYCD Announcement


Release from CLNJ Youth Program:

At the time of its formation as a platform for age-group cricket in New Jersey, Venu Palaparthi, the founder of the NJ Youth Cricket Program said that for the program to truly succeed, it would need to provide the aspiring young cricketers a path towards playing in the senior league. "We are developing a process wherein eligible junior cricketers, based on skill level and physical ability, will be certified to play alongside senior coach-mentors in a team in the CLNJ," Palaparthi had said in February, 2011.

A year later, the NJ Youth Cricket Program has been invited to enter a Colts side into the Cricket League of New Jersey (CLNJ). Coincidentally, the program achieved its milestone on the National Youth Cricket Day. In celebration of this important milestone, the program announced that it would also become an affiliate of USYCA.

The Colts will play under the supervision of their full-time coach, Coach Earl Daley, who will guide the young cricketers as they face the senior clubs. The Colts team will at all times also include at least two senior mentors to ensure that the transition is gradual and positive one.

The NJ Youth Cricket Program had four objectives - (a) to create an opportunity for match play for girls and boys once they have been trained in the basics of cricket (b) provide an outdoor setting during the summer for these young cricketers to practice and play their cricket (c) provide opportunities for the young cricketers to play age-group cricket matches against other junior teams and (d) provide a feeder into senior leagues so that the boys don't drift away from cricket due to lack of playing opportunities as they get older.

"With the formation of Colts team, the last and perhaps the most important objective has been accomplished," Venu Palaparthi, founder of NJ Youth Program said. "It is satisfying to finally create a roadmap for entry into the senior league. The senior leagues are somewhat competitive and intense. What we have done here is created a system where the juniors are exposed to higher levels of cricket in a controlled environment."

"Based on their performance in the Colts, we will have a league draft for those boys who are ready," he said.

"For some years now, we have had junior camps and coaching programs, but the boys had to find their blaze their own trails and only the most resourceful or well networked boys were able to complete their cricket journey. My focus has been to simplify that evolutionary path."

Colts will have a try-out on Sunday, March 25th at DreamCricket Indoor Nets in Hillsborough, NJ. If needed, as second try-out will be held the following Sunday, i.e. April 1, 2012. The team has already identified a handful of boys who have represented the Atlantic Region to play on the team.

The NJ Youth Cricket program published FAQs in connection with the Colts qualification and selection process. Those that don't qualify will continue to play age group cricket under the watchful eyes of Coach Damion Morgan until they too are ready for the senior league.

Venu Palaparthi also announced two important affiliations that NJ Youth Program had entered into. "Firstly, we are grateful to CLNJ for their embrace of our cause. We are now an extension of CLNJ and this affiliation is mutually beneficial. We provide the league with a platform for youth cricket development. The league provides us with USACA affiliation and a non-profit legal entity under which we can operate."

"Perhaps equally importantly, we are very happy to be associated with USYCA. USYCA is doing stellar work on the schools cricket front by donating equipment and conducting exhibition games. The affiliation with USYCA allows us to take this wonderful game of cricket into New Jersey's schools." Although the program is only now getting affiliated with USYCA, the program's founder Venu Palaparthi was an early supporter of USYCA. His organization, DreamCricket.com donated the first 100 cricket kits during USYCA's formative stages. The National Youth Cricket Day marks the anniversary of that early support and donation, which was made on March 24, 2010.



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