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United States Youth Cricket Association
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The Cricket Spot Partners With Indiana Youth Cricket

Jatin Patel of the IYCA, Roy Ward and Lyndea Ward of The Cricket Spot


The Cricket Spot is partnering with the Indiana Youth Cricket Association to grow the sport of cricket in the state of Indiana. This partnership will further one of USYCA’s primary goals in reaching more schools in the United States by expanding cricket programs in Indiana schools.

A statement released by The Cricket Spot said:

“We are excited to see the progress made by USYCA and particularly Jatin Patel’s efforts here in Indiana. We plan to join together to host more cricket clinics, events, plus mailings and flyers to reach more teachers and coaches across Indiana. The Cricket Spot wants to help make cricket the game of choice among American youths.”

“This partnership will help cricket players directly to cut down their cost to play at a competitive level and it will help us to have better programs, clinics and camps for children here in Indiana, at a miminal cost to participants,” said Jatin Patel of the IYCA.

“We are excited to work together in partnership with The Cricket Spot, and expect many good things to follow for Indiana and USA youth cricket, such as America’s first indoor youth cricket tournament, projected for early 2013 in Indiana,” said Patel.

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