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Spokane CC To Bring USYCA Programs To Pacific Northwest


USYCA is pleased to announce that the Spokane Cricket Club has become an Associate Member of USYCA, and will be working with USYCA to launch schools cricket in its neighborhoods.

SPCC was formed in 2009 with the aim of bringing the game of cricket to a wider audience in the beautiful Inland Northwest. It is a social organization that consists of a group of individuals living in the Spokane, Pullman and Coeur d'Alene area with an ardent passion for cricket.

The Spokane Spartans play cricket at a competitive level within the Northwest Cricket League (NWCL). League matches take place from the beginning of May to the middle of October. SPCC has grown from a small group of players into a much larger organization in the past three years, consisting of a stable membership roster of highly motivated individuals from myriad walks of life.

SPCC has also attained some noteworthy accomplishments since its formation. The club has been working with Spokane Parks and Recreations and will be playing on a brand-new cricket pitch this year at Underhill Field, which is poised to be one of the best playing surfaces for cricket in the Pacific Northwest. One of its youngest members played on the team that won the National U-17 Invitational Tournament organized by the California Cricket Academy in San Francisco last year. The Spartans boast a very strong bowling attack that has brought home the best bowler trophy among all Division II teams in NWCL for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

SPCC management is determined that the club must continue to grow to provide budding, blossoming and fading cricketers in Spokane with the chance to play, watch and enjoy the game at whatever level they wish. Players, even from outside the immediate area, who seek to take up the challenge of Northwest Cricket League, are always welcomed. SPCC is committed to the diversity of the many different cultures that enjoy cricket.

SPCC also tries to organize various events during the season to engage with a wider group of people within and outside the club community.

The SPCC sees plenty of untapped cricket talent in the Spokane and neighboring towns - potential which is not being fulfilled. SPCC's goal is to build a family-oriented club to cater for all ages and abilities, and especially to promote cricket to the youth. Hence, as part of a community outreach program, SPCC hopes to provide an excellent environment for youngsters to hone their cricketing skills and to enjoy themselves with their friends. The club's intent is to provide guidance to players of all levels and help them to make the most of their abilities and to enjoy playing the marvelous game of cricket in a secure and friendly atmosphere.

SPCC's vision is to involve parents, families, the local community and perhaps even local community service providers including the police, fire service and young people's services. For them, establishing a youth cricket program by partnering with USYCA will be just the start of a process.

"USYCA is very excited to have the Spokane Cricket Club working with us," said President Jamie Harrison. "The SPCC's highly developed organization should be a tremendous asset as we bring cricket to schools in the Pacific Northwest, and later in creating new community youth cricket programs for the children."

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