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Omaha Cricket Club At Brownell-Talbot School

April 14, 2011


The Omaha Cricket Club delivered a USYCA American Cricket Champ set and conducted a cricket clinic for the Students at Brownell-Talbot School on April 8th. Nearly 200 children and 30 teachers attended and enthusiastically participated in the event. After the clinic, 4 teams played 2 matches and surprised club members with their tremendous performance. The event was a great success.

Here's what some of the participants had to say:

"I think it was cool, because it was a lot like baseball. I like the fact that cricket is such a high scoring game. I'd like to play over the summer, and teach the game to the kids in my neighborhood."
Stephen Degnan, 6th Grade

"I thought the cricket match was very interesting. It was cool to see my mom and dad's favorite sport being played at Brownell-Talbot. They grew up playing cricket their whole lives, so they are excited to see cricket become popular again."
Maya Matthews, 6th Grade

"Many thanks to the Omaha Cricket Club for their cricket demo. I loved how the students were able to become a part of the action by playing the game, and those in the audience were excited to see their classmates learn a new sport. Best quote: Washington's troops played cricket at Valley Forge! The kids are still talking about that one. I highly recommend a school visit by the Omaha Cricket Club, especially to reinvigorate P.E. classes with a new team sport."
Bob Goetschkes, Faculty, Brownell-Talbot

"The cricket presentation was great. The students were really excited, cheering, and having a good time. When some teachers and students from our school got out to swing the bat, the level of fun was off the charts. Thanks so much to the Omaha Cricket Club for starting our day with lots of excitement."
Jackie Byers, Brownell Talbot School

"Thank you so much for the recent cricket demonstration at Brownell-Talbot's Headmaster's Festival. Your Power Point presentation was informative and made the students eager to want to play. I was chosen to play and thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace of the game, but was amazed how quickly the students and I picked up the rules and actually played the game. The students have not quit talking about playing and have been asking about when we could get outside and use the equipment your team, so generously donated to B-T. My daughter also came home wanting to play on a team this summer. When we finished a quick game, I loved watching your team showing different styles of throwing the ball. It was truly amazing to see someone throw a ball 90 mph. I would highly recommend Mr. Bashkir Krishna and the Omaha Cricket Club's demonstration to any school or other event. I plan on playing with the kids and registering my daughter this summer. Again thank you so much for your time and great information. I really appreciate Omaha Cricket Club's dedication to exposing our students to this wonderful game, that is similiar to American baseball, but not as popular yet."

Lisa Kessler, Reading Specialist, 5th and 6th Grade Reading and Writing Instructor, Brownell Talbot School

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