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MACC Adds Its Strength To Growing USYCA Membership

USYCA is pleased to announce that the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference (MACC) has joined its growing ranks. MACC is based in Virginia, primarily in the Tidewater, Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoake and Blacksburg areas.

The MACC was originally based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and included member clubs from Raleigh, High Point, Greensboro, Greenville, Charlotte, and Columbia, SC. Although cricket teams have existed in the Mid Atlantic area since the late 1980s, and played regular social matches against interstate teams, it was not until 1997 that a formal competition was underway. Since then, MACC has attracted cricket lovers who have moved into the area.

The teams in MACC draw most of their players from South Asia although there are quite a few players from Australia, England, South Africa and the West Indies, which gives the organization much diversity. In 2006, MACC was delighted to be included as an Associate Member in the USA Cricket Association (USACA).

In 2009 teams from North and South Carolina decided to leave the MACC and form their own league, with the original MACC teams now represented in three leagues: MACC, Triangle Cricket League (TCL) and Carolina Cricket League (CCL).

MACC's goals are:

  •  To promote, encourage, foster and develop interest in and knowledge and understanding of, the game of cricket throughout Virginia.
  •  To foster, encourage and develop the highest standard of officiating in all MCC cricket.
  •  To foster development of youth cricket within Virginia.
  •  To establish and develop venues where local cricket can be played.
  •  To ensure that all MACC cricket matches are conducted within the laws of cricket and the traditions and spirit of the game are upheld by all members.
  • But above all, MACC aims to have fun and enjoy its cricket!!

MACC 2012 outlook on youth cricket:

  • To introduce cricket to children through "in school" coaching programs.
  • To follow "in school" introduction with extra curricular coaching and opportunities for youngsters to practice in a conducive atmosphere.
  • To encourage young cricketers to play socially and in age group regulated, local, national and international competition.
  • To train coaches and teachers to expand the "in school" program.
  • To sponsor, local, national and international events for all age groups of junior cricketers.

MACC will be working with USYCA in 2012 to launch schools cricket in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, Charlottesville and Roanoake areas. This will continue the league's work from last year, as past MACC President Anthony Sahadeo and Hampton Roads Cricket Organization's (HRCO) Secretary Sandeep Karwa introduced cricket in Portsmouth Schools with the help of USYCA.

MACC would like to partner with USYCA to introduce cricket in all regions of MACC. MACC has been very active in HRCO to introduce cricket in local churches and local schools since 2009. Here are pictures from a local church cricket clinic.

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