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Constitution Committee Named; Work Begins

April 22, 2010


The USYCA has created a Constitution Committee that is charged with drafting our constitution. When the committee has completed its work, the document will be submitted to the state association presidents for ratification. To ratify the new constitution, 3/4 of the electors must approve. To amend the constitution prior to ratification, 2/3 must approve the amendment. After all of the approved amendments have been executed, the amended document will be submitted for ratification. If it fails to be ratified, it will be returned to the committee.

This is the link to what will become our virtual "Constitution Hall."

The members who have chosen to participate in the difficult task of drafting a constitution are:

Ed Fox

Nino DiLoreto

Orville Hall

Rakesh Kallem

David Sentance

Simon Percival

The USYCA owes a deep debt of gratitude to these individuals for their willingness to take on this difficult and important work. Good luck, gentlemen!



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