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Sunkist ES in Anaheim, California Introduces Cricket


Received from USYCA Affiliate member Orange County Youth Cricket Association:

Having heard that cricket was introduced to Gouber Elementary School in Anaheim last month, the Orange County Cricket Association was invited to hold a cricket demonstration at Sunkist Elementary School in the same city by the assistant principal Tracy Rodriguez. Shantha Suraweera, president of OCCA, visited Sunkist Elementary school on April 25 and conducted two demonstrations for grade 5 and 6 students.

The session started in the classroom with an introduction to cricket, the background of cricket in the USA, opportunities and game basics followed by a video clip about cricket which was watched by students with excitement. Students were shown actual cricketing gear, giving them the opportunity to feel and touch protective gear, cricket balls and bats. The indoor session was ended with Q & A, after which students were eager to get out and play cricket.

Students participated in cricket match situation, with a group of students fielding while two batters from the other group were in the middle, which was their first experience playing cricket. Students were able to understand the game better while playing, and there were catches taken, run outs, of course bowled outs.

It was a very pleasant event enjoyed by not only the students, but also the teachers and the OCCA.

Taking Orange County cricket development to next level, Shantha Suraweera met with assistant superintendent of the Anaheim School District on April 19 and discussed the possibilities of introducing cricket in to district’s PE program. Understandably there are many administrative and logistical issues to resolve before implementing such a broad program, but the district recognizes that cricket falls into the “developing of striking skills” category in its PE curriculm and agreed to help to launch a cricket awareness program in middles schools, in collaboration with OCCA and USYCA.



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