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EYCA Inaugurates New Youth Pitch In Union City, California

BACA President Mr. Iftikhar Khan and EYCA President Mr. Samant Gopal inaugurating the pitch by cutting the ribbon

(USYCA wishes to thank Ram Varadarajan, Masaood Yunus and Kannan Muthukkaruppan for stepping up to make this "pitch of dreams" a reality.)

Media Release from East Bay Youth Cricket Association:

UC Mayor Joins EYCA for Inauguration of Home Ground

It's my delight to report today East Bay Youth Cricket Association have inaugurated its first very own youth only home ground, a beautiful facility and key step towards development of youth cricket.

State of art facilities was a key promise we made to our members among other things in the beginning of this year and we are extremely happy and excited to have delivered on our promise. This is just a beginning; many more such key steps to be delivered that will significantly help promoting youth cricket and make a difference!!!!!

While I want to thank my current management team for all the hard work they have put in for last two odd years and numerous parent volunteers from our club without their trust and support and countless hours of work nothing would have been possible: "You guys rock!"

"Congratulations to all key contributors! Keep up the good work!!"

I also want to reflect back on some of the key contributors who formed the stepping stones for us, guided and helped us with resources, information, contacts and more importantly their knowledge which made a very substantial contribution to our club, to be where we are today...

Owen Greg (OG), Ganesh Sanap, Jamie Harrison (USYCA), Sarabjit Chadda, Rajesh Suthar, Mukul Kumar, Nigel Coutinho, Abrar Ahmed, Bhavani Pedadda, Sujesh Pulikkal, Anthony La Rue, Frank Camarda and many more, thank you for all your help.

I also want to thank Union City Mayor Mark Green. BACA President Iftikhar Khan and all other Bay Area Club Presidents and Executives for attending our event, their support & endorsement means a lot to what we can do for the youth of this region.

My warmest congratulations to all on a wonderful achievement: proud to be leading a great club with a wonderful group of people ... and we all know that great people make great associations.

Gopal Samant - EYCA President

BACA President Mr. Iftikhar Khan receiving certification of appreciation on behalf of USYCA

Union City Mayor Mark Green receiving flower bouquet from EYCA President Mr. Samant Gopal


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