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Meet The New USYCA Executive Team


Dear USYCA Members,

Thank you for your continued support towards USYCA’s vision for a stronger and better youth cricket in USA. In last 6 years, youth cricket in USA has grown exponentially. And USYCA has played an inspirational role so far.

The new USYCA Executive Team is committed to make USYCA better and stronger. As a Team we commonly agree to be transparent, accountable and focused, and continuously strive to create new opportunities for youth cricket development in USA.

Once the transition from the outgoing board is complete, and the new USYCA team start managing day to day affairs, you can expect announcements on some critical upcoming USYCA initiatives and events.

ICC Americas is doing some great work in United States, and possibly we could see some landmark decisions in upcoming months that could possibly change the course of USA Cricket. USYCA would like to compliment everyone selected on the National Advisory Groups. These select leaders now have the responsibility to shape the future of USA Cricket.

I would like to take a moment here to briefly introduce myself. I have been involved with cricket administration in St. Louis, Missouri for 20 Years. I have closely worked with USYCA since 2012, when Missouri Youth Cricket Association became its member. In 2013, I shifted my primary focus from Men's Cricket to Youth and since then have been heavily involved with cricket activities with schools, community groups, parks and local youth academy/tournaments. I have also worked very closely with NYCL (National Youth Cricket League) over last 3 years.

I value the importance of working as a team and I like to associate myself with people with right character, positive attitude and clear intentions.

Here is a little bit about rest of the Administrative Team:

1st Vice President: Yogesh Patel

Mr. Patel was one of the Founding members of Houston Cricket League, about 40 Years ago. He is highly connected with USA Cricket community and has also served USYCA for last 6 years. He brings the wealth of knowledge and experience which could greatly benefit the new young and dynamic USYCA Team.

2nd Vice President: Anu Babbar

Mr. Babbar is the founding member of Germantown Kids Cricket Club (GKCC) in 2011, and has also served the USYCA Board in past. GKCC has been actively involved with Schools. Anu brings to the USYCA Board some great ideas and a very positive energy.

Secretary: George Samuel

Mr. Samuel is Youth Director for Queens United Cricket Academy (QUCA). He is heavily involved with Youth Cricket in New York Region. He is also active supporter of ICC's Development plans in USA and thinks very positively about the future of Cricket in United States. His commitment to youth cricket is admirable. He values honesty, transparency and team work and USYCA is fortunate to have him on board.

Treasurer: Ashok Dubey

Mr. Dubey has been a life long cricket player with excellent administrative skills. He has been involved in Cricket Administration in St. Louis Region more than 7 years, and he has greatly supported Youth Cricket initiatives locally over last few year including hosting of National Youth Championship in 2015. He is also Director for Missouri Premier Cricket League.

Mr. Dubey strongly believes in USYCA's vision and mission and he is going to be a great asset to USYCA Board for the upcoming term.

Member at Large: Petal Samuels

Ms. Petal is Founder and President of Georgia Women Cricket Association (GWCA). GWCA has successfully hosted Atlanta Women's 20/20 Tournament for last 5 years where International Women's Team have participated and it is the No. 1 Women's Cricket Event in United States.

She brings to the board a wealth of experience in area of Women's cricket and hopefully her being on USYCA Leadership will inspire more young female athletes to consider adopting the sport of cricket.

Member at Large: Christina Tucker

Ms. Tucker has been involved with Cricket in Missouri since 2014. She has helped with Cricket reaching various Schools and Community Groups in St. Louis Region. She also leads the Women's Cricket Program in Missouri. She is always looking for new opportunities to connect Cricket with local American community. And she would definitely help USYCA with increasing the participation at grass root level. She values transparency, honesty and trust and is an excellent team player.

Member at Large: Nick Dressler

Mr. Dressler has a 10 years of basketball coaching experience. He teaches British Literature at a private High School in St. Louis. Nick has recently started actively playing cricket in a local league and he working on setting up a cricket club at his high school.

Mr. Dressler will be handling our USYCA social media (Facebook/Twitter) and his immediate goals include taking the game to and popularizing the sport in local high schools.

Thank you and once again I look forward to working with you all. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Sincere Regards,

Ranjeet Singh

President - United States Youth Cricket Association





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