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United States Youth Cricket Association
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SCCA Lines Up With USYCA


USYCA is pleased to announce that the Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA), one of the nations largest cricket associations with over 1600 registered players and 48 league teams, has made its affiliation to USYCA.

Speaking on behalf of the SCCA, Richard Blackledge, the South West Region's Youth Coordinator, said, "I have been talking with Jamie over the last twelve months and monitoring the great progress USYCA has made. I think, more than any other initiative, the work USYCA has done has shown all US cricketing stakeholders the real potential for the sport in the USA. One of our region's cricket associations, Orange County Cricket Association, has already had success working with USYCA to bring cricket to schools in their district.

"The SCCA has a very robust youth program that has helped produce a number of very talented cricketers but we recognize the fact that we need to work harder to encourage a greater number and greater diversity of children to take up cricket. We aim to make this affiliation to USYCA a driving force to help us achieve these goals."

USYCA President Jamie Harrison is equally energized by the new alliance.

"The addition of the Southern California Cricket Association to USYCA will have a huge ripple effect on youth cricket in the southwest United States," Harrison said. "Working together with SCCA, there's literally no limit to what can be accomplished to bring our great game to youngsters in Southern California, and the impact of that will be felt throughout the region.

"With the launching of this partnership, there can be no doubt that Southern California, and the South West Region as a whole, will soon be a national model for youth cricket in America."

For further information regarding youth cricket development programs in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii please contact Richard Blackledge at richard.blackledge@gmail.com.

For further information on the SCCA, please visit www.SCCAcricket.org.







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