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United States Youth Cricket Association
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USYCA And ACF Announce Formation Of Joint Youth Committee


Maryland, June 6 - In furtherance of their partnership launched last month, the American Cricket Federation and the United States Youth Cricket

Association today announced the creation of a Joint Youth Cricket Committee.

With equal representation, the Joint Committee will be charged with conceiving programs, determining respective support levels and initiating actions that will fully realize the common goals of both organizations in regard to youth cricket.

The Joint Youth Cricket Committee's members are:

Mike Thomas, Chairman (USYCA/ACF)

Jatin Patel (USYCA)

Priya Singh (USYCA)

Anu Babbar (USYCA)

Dr. Gangaram Singh (ACF)

Masaood Yunus (ACF)

Avinash Gaje (ACF)

USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, "The shared vision for cricket in America, held jointly by ACF and USYCA, will come to fruition through the work of the dedicated volunteers of the Joint Youth Cricket Committee. It is exciting for me to imagine the positive results from close cooperation between two organizations that are so selflessly engaged in American cricket, and I look forward to great strides forward in the near future."

Mike Thomas, an officer of both organizations and the appointed Joint Committee Chairman commented, “Both the ACF and USYCA clearly understand that any sustainable development of cricket in the USA is totally dependent on American children learning the game and seamlessly growing the grass-roots in schools, through community leagues and colleges, to populate the senior women’s and men’s game with players and fans.“

“Besides the union of unique, independent strengths,” continued Thomas, “there are additional exciting synergies, for example between the USA’s only nationwide schools program and the enormously popular, community-based indoor and outdoor softball network.”

The Joint Committee is already under organization, and will soon hold the first of regular meetings.

About the American Cricket Federation

The American Cricket Federation is incorporated in the State of Maryland and was founded on the principles of transparency, inclusiveness, democracy and

fairness. Its mission is to inspire Americans to play and excel at cricket and to make cricket the preeminent bat-and-ball sport in the United States of

America. Implicit within its founding principles, the ACF believes that a national governing body should serve, support and represent the wishes of all its constituencies. Representation therefore is key, for with it comes the hearts and minds of all players, clubs, leagues and the sport’s fan-base. ACF seeks to partner with players, fans, clubs, leagues, corporations, state and local governments, schools and colleges across the nation, and in providing

educational, technical, logistical and financial support to its members, create resources that will serve to enhance the quality of cricket, events and infrastructure within the United States of America.

About the United States Youth Cricket Association

The United States Youth Cricket Association, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland, is dedicated to introducing our great

sport to American children. It supports local youth cricket organizations and helps to create new youth cricket teams and leagues where none exist. It is also a network of dedicated volunteers who give time, energy and money to bring cricket to American schools. USYCA is also firmly committed to fully developing women’s cricket by drawing girls into our sport at an early age.

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