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Youth Cricket Explodes In Omaha

Bhaskar Krishna and the Omaha Youth Cricket Association, continuing their incredible work for youth cricket, have, in the past month, overseen the launch of cricket at nine different sites around Omaha. These rollouts alone have brought cricket to 1155 children and 94 staff members. At each site, OYCA donated USYCA American Cricket Champ sets.

Here are the details, along with links to complete galleries:

Yates Community Center, May 12: The clinic was conducted for around 60 children and 100 adults from refugee families of Bhutan, Nepal and Sudan on their annual day to celebrate their culture. Photo Gallery:

St.Columbkille Middle School, May 15: The clinic was attended by 120 middle school students and eight staff members on a beautiful sunny day outdoors. Cricket was a part of their annual field day. Photo Gallery:

Aldrich Elementary School, May 18: The cricket clinic was held on their Olympic Day celebrations. Groups of 20-30 students attended 20 minute sessions totaling around 600 children, plus 14 teachers and several parents from morning to evening. Mayor of Omaha Jim Suttle spent 10 to 15 minutes watching one of the sessions. Cricket was the talk of the school for the next few days. Photo Gallery:

Elkhorn Community Center staff training clinic, May 20: Session was attended by 50 staff members belonging to all of Omaha's all 14 community centers. The intent is to train the staff before reaching out to children. Staff loved the game. Photo Gallery:

SBCC Youth Summer camp, June 4th (camp goes to July 27) : This is OYCA's 2nd annual summer camp. Around 40 children are participating in OCA's Level II course. Last year's level I focused on basic fundamentals and this year's Level II illustrates deeper level of training in batting, fielding and bowling. Photo Gallery:

Elkhorn Comm Center Rec Kids clinic, June 4: The Clinic was attended by 45 children and 4 staff members. Photo Gallery:

Adams Community Center, June 5: Around 80 children and five staff members participated in an outdoor clinic for three hours. It was noticed that a few kids who didn't want to play in the beginning started fighting for their spot in the middle of the session. Photo Gallery:

Mockingbird Hills Community Center clinic, June 6: This clinic attracted around 120 children and six staff members for a three-hour session. Photo Gallery:

A.V. Sorensen Community Center clinic on June 7: Around 90 children and seven staff members participated in a three-hour clinic. A group of 16 played a match and demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the game. Photo Gallery:


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