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C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association Announces Support For USYCA

June 24, 2010


C.C. Morris Cricket Library Announces Support For USYCA

HAVERFORD, PA - The C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association is pleased to announce its support for the United States Youth Cricket Association, including the establishment of a substantial fund to help defray the costs of certain expenses that USYCA will incur in its early stages and in acquiring 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Because it understands how critical these early organizational steps are, the C. C. Morris Cricket Library Association has agreed to provide this funding, and looks forward with much anticipation to the future endeavors of USYCA as it strives to popularize and expand cricket in America at a truly grass-roots level.

Paul Hensley, President of the C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association, said, "We are very impressed with the work USYCA has done to date in the establishment of a national network of groups that want to promote youth cricket. Increasing the number of children who play cricket is a long-term goal of the C. C. Morris Cricket Library Association, and we are very excited about the USYCA's progress made to date in this area."

Jamie Harrison, President of USYCA, said, "We are honored and gratified to have both the friendship and the support of an institution as prestigious as the C. C. Morris Cricket Library Association. This generous gift underscores their commitment to youth cricket and to the popularization of cricket in the United States."

The C. Christopher Morris Cricket Library and Collection (http://www.ccmorris.org/home.html) is the largest collection of cricket literature and memorabilia in the Western Hemisphere. Its primary efforts focus on preserving the history of the game of Cricket in America in all forms. It is a place where the traditions of this unique game remain as an available part of the American heritage and where new generations may learn. Our members are actively involved with numerous projects to support current and develop new Cricket activities in the US and Canada. The Library sponsors the annual Philadelphia International Cricket Festival and has contributed a substantial number of items from it's collection to the exhibit 'Swinging Away: How Cricket and Baseball Connect' now at Lord's Cricket Grounds in London. The exhibit at Lord's is a collaboration of the MCC and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum with support from the library. The exhibit will be on display in Cooperstown in 2011.

The United States Youth Cricket Association (http://usyouthcricket.org) is dedicated to introducing cricket to American children by supporting local youth cricket organizations and by sharing funding, printed and digital resources, and "best practices." It is also a network of dedicated volunteers who give our time, energy and money to bring cricket to schools. USYCA, working closely with clubs, training facilities and academies, will be a feeder system, supplying a steady flow of new, young cricketers with which to fill their ranks. USYCA is also firmly committed to fully developing women's cricket by drawing girls into our sport at an early age and shepherding them through to national teams.


Paul Hensley, President

C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association



Jamie Harrison, President

United States Youth Cricket Association








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