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United States Youth Cricket Association
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USYCA Honors "Patrons Of Youth Cricket"



(L-R) Ram Varadarajan, John Thickett, Nabeel Ahmed, Michael Gale & Edward Fox


In the early history of cricket, a critical role was played by certain individuals in taking the game from a rustic amusement to a formalized national sport. These patrons were usually landed gentlemen of means, and they took it upon themselves to promote the game they loved, often at entirely their own expense. Without them, it is unlikely that cricket would have risen to prominence as quickly as it did, and perhaps not at all.

In the brief history of USYCA, we have been fortunate to have a number of equally selfless individuals step up in support of youth cricket. These benefactors have done more than talk about what needed to be done - they've actually opened up their checkbooks to make sure that it would happen. As the nation's youth cricket organization, USYCA thinks it is appropriate to publicly thank these Patrons of Youth Cricket, and to recognize their commitment in donating $500 or more to USYCA.

USYCA is pleased to honor its first Patrons of Youth Cricket, and present each of them with an engraved plaque commemorating their dedication to the game of cricket in the United States (an example of which is seen above). We will also enshrine them, in a separate category, on the "Sponsors & Supporters" page on the USYCA website.

Please join us in congratulating Ram Varadarajan, John Thickett, Nabeel Ahmed, Michael Gale and Edward Fox, Patrons of Youth Cricket, for their exemplary commitment to youth cricket in America.





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