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DreamCricket Pavilion Shop Becomes "Official Equipment Supplier" To USYCA

July 13, 2010


DreamCricket.com pledges 100 free cricket kits for USA cricket development. Delivers 15 kits to USYCA.

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - DreamCricket.com, USA's premier cricket website, made a pledge today to donate 100 cricket kits to the United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) and other qualified organizations.

The company announced that it had already donated the first 15 kits to USYCA and will donate the remaining 85 kits in a phased manner before year-end. A number of elementary schools, such as Highland Park in Landover, Maryland and summer camps, such as Hidden Meadows in Bartow, West Virginia, have benefited from the free kits thereby introducing cricket to over 800 cricketers in the under-12 age category.

Pic (Right): USYCA camp in progress at Highland Park Elementary School.

Charles Silberman, the Physical Education instructor at Highland Park E.S. said, "The school was provided with a set of equipment to keep, and the instruction provided to the students was easy to understand, age appropriate, and it allowed the students to start playing a modified version of cricket within a thirty minute class period."

DreamCricket.com also announced that its retail store - The Pavilion (PavilionShop.com)

became the Official Equipment Supplier to USYCA. In its position as Official Equipment Supplier, DreamCricket will provide cricket sets for USYCA affiliates' use in their schools programs. The kits sold through USYCA affiliates will be sold at a discounted rate. The discounted rate will also apply to children in USYCA programs that wish to purchase sets of their own. In addition, for each set purchased from DreamCricket.com, a donation will be made by DreamCricket.com to USYCA.

Kranthi Bayya, CEO of DreamCricket said, "DreamCricket.com is committed to bringing youth cricket to the United States, and we are excited to be affiliated with the USYCA team, because we recognize the great progress and potential there. At DreamCricket Academy, we have run Kiddie Cricket programs and we understand the difficulties faced in youth cricket development at the grass-roots level. USYCA came to us with a plan earlier this year and we worked together on a pilot program and saw first-hand the quality of their execution in youth cricket development. We now want to cement this partnership for the long-term so that USYCA can continue to do the great work they have been doing. We look forward with great anticipation to the future of youth cricket in the USA."

Jamie Harrison, President of USYCA, said, "We are delighted to be working with DreamCricket.com, America's number one online cricket destination. This partnership demonstrates their vision and willingness to invest in youth cricket in the United States, and speaks volumes about their national leadership. I couldn't think of a more perfect match for USYCA."

Pic (Left): USYCA Cricket Camp at Hidden Meadows using equipment provided by DreamCricket.com

Since 2007, DreamCricket.com, has grown rapidly into USA's premier cricket news and opinion website. A sister website, The Pavilion Shop, now accessible online and offline, is now one of the nation's largest cricket stores, boasting a 6,000 sq. ft. physical location and offering high-end indoor facility with bowling machines and an astro-grass surface. DreamCricket Academy is the company's development arm that offers several coaching camps and sessions tailored to meet the needs of individual cricketers across all ages and skill levels. The Academy is aided by US-based and international coaches including Coach Earl Daley, Coach Ian Pont and Coach Bharath Kumar.

The Academy is frequently visited by legendary test cricketers and the Academy's teams participate in different tournaments in the Under-15 and Under-13 age categories.

The United States Youth Cricket Association (http://usyouthcricket.org) is dedicated to introducing cricket to American children by supporting local youth cricket organizations and by sharing funding, printed and digital resources, and "best practices." It is also a network of dedicated volunteers who give their time, energy and money to bring cricket to schools. USYCA, working closely with clubs, training facilities and academies, will be a feeder system, supplying a steady flow of new, young cricketers with which to fill their ranks. USYCA is also firmly committed to fully developing women's cricket by drawing girls into our sport at an early age and shepherding them through to national teams.

For details, contact Kranthi Bayya of DreamCricket.com at 877-HIT-A-SIX (877-448-2749).  To reach Jamie Harrison of USYCA, please email usyouthcricket@gmail.com







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