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United States Youth Cricket Association
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Welcome to the New USYCA Website!




USYCA is pleased to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website, and a new site host. The new site has many benefits beyond its clean, crisp, open appearance and red, white & blue color scheme.

Our previous hosting site was a free blog network, and this was a considerable drawback to potential site visitors from schools (a major concern) or other government locations, as blogs are often blocked by filtering systems. The move to a new host eliminates this difficulty.

The site's background image is, very appropriately, of children playing cricket outside of a US school. The header has a familiar look to it, as it contains our logo and the words "United States Youth Cricket." The header also houses the site's Google search bar.

The navigation bar contains links to the main pages of the website, including the "USYCA Store," "USYCA YouTube" and a much-needed "Contact Us" form that, when submitted, goes directly to the email address info@usyca.org.

You'll notice that the new site has a rolling montage of photos that will immediately convey what USYCA is all about; it also has photos that represent the three latest news stories, and each of these three photos will direct you to the associated story when clicked.

To the right of the photos is an easy-to-navigate list of our most recent news stories, plus a link to a page that contains a list of all news stories ever to appear on our website, dating back to April 2010. This makes it easy to "go back in time" and find any story, as it originally appeared.

Continuing down the page, you'll find more easy to navigate links, conveniently divided between three categories, "About USYCA," "Instructional" and "Organizational Information." One of the links goes to our new message board. These categories will expand as new content is added over time.

Finally, at the bottom you'll find graphic links to our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sites.

The site is designed to be flexible, expandable and easily modified to accommodate sponsor advertising in the future.

Many months have been spent on this project, as we tried to balance our wishes for the site with a responsible use of funding. We hope that you will be as happy with the results as are we.





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