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Indiana Boy Scouts Introduced To Cricket, Coaches Trained



On July 16 in Indianapolis enthusiastic members of Boy Scout Troop 564 turned out for an introductory cricket clinic organized by the Indiana Youth Cricket Association, under the supervision of ICC certified coach Jatin Patel.

Most of the boys in this group were from St. Barnabas School, which has a teacher/coach and a plan to introduce an extensive school cricket program beginning this fall.

Four new coaches completed the field session to become certified coaches with IYCA, which can help them to coach after-school programs in the Indianapolis area. With this camp, the Indy Legends Cricket Club now has four new coaches to help IYCA's mission to expand cricket to all schools in the Indianapolis area through free education and cricket sets.

Jatin Patel conducted the clinic and the new coaches helped conduct the drills which provided an opportunity to learn coaching techniques. Indiana now has more than 80 trained coaches, and this should grow exponentially as coaches train other coaches.

Jatin Patel’s mission is to create an environment where players can become the best they can be and enjoy playing the game. Experience is the best teacher, so Patel's mottos are: “Let them play and learn the game” and "practice makes perfect."

Jason Hamilton, IYCA certified coach and camp host said, "Thanks again for putting on the demonstration. The boys had a great time learning about and playing cricket. You were adept at keeping the interest of kids from 11-year olds to 15-year olds with constant activity and participation. Not only did the boys learn about the game, the event spurred conversation with several parents about it. Little by little, this kind of event gets the word out about a cricket. The more people who hear about, the more come to enjoy playing.

"Jude (Jason's son) especially had fun. Since he already knows some of the fundamentals, I noticed him helping teach his friends about cricket. Jude says he really wants to play more cricket. Hopefully, a group can be organized on the south side of Indianapolis."

"Overall, I believe the camp was a great experience for us, " said Parag Pandya, President of Indy Legends Cricket Club, Pandya is also Vice President of Indiana Cricket and is a former captain of the Cricket Club of Indianapolis. "I think if we continue doing this and reach out to all the schools and small organizations in Indianapolis we will make progress. I strongly believe that we can certainly generate lot of interest for cricket in Indiana. I hope that the Mayor's initiative will also help us in getting the momentum rolling. Jatin Patel's hard work is commendable."

Dhaval Patel, Vice President of Indy Legends Cricket Club said, "It was a nice learning experience and we had lot of fun at the camp. I was surprised by the way the kids were catching on with the game in a small amount of time. We can see kids on the ground playing cricket every weekend in near future, the way they are involved in learning how to play and the hard work that your team, IYCA, is putting together. We are looking forward to another opportunity to attend the next camp."


"It’s my pleasure to have great support in Indiana from all fronts," said Jatin Patel of USYCA and IYCA. "Indy Legends has many of the best cricket players in Indiana, and it will help young kids to learn the game from the current players. We have a shortage of coaches in Indiana, as many schools want to launch after-school programs, but due to shortage of cricket coaches they have to restrain their ambitions to play proper cricket. Coaches from Indy legends are eager to start after-school programs in the Indianapolis area, which will help to start a few more school teams."


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