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United States Youth Cricket Association
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USYCA To Bring Cricket To 250,000 Children In 12 Months

July 30, 2010


The USYCA is committed to introducing our great sport to 250,000 American children in the next 12 months. While this may goal may seem distant today, announcements will be made in early August that will make this achievement seem not only possible, but in fact probable.

We have already seen how quickly schools embrace a partnership with USYCA, and know how young people almost immediately fall in love with cricket. All that remains for us to do is to make sure we have funding to provide a cricket set for each school and the volunteers to deliver the sets.

In the coming weeks, USYCA will also be announcing a major expansion of its membership and affiliation program, with the intention of partnering with all stakeholders in youth cricket, including academies, training facilities and clubs. As we progress on this great mission, we will be working closely with clubs and academies to help them succeed and to fill their ranks with new, young cricketers; USYCA eagerly looks forward to this exciting new chapter in the development of American cricket.







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