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NJSCUA Continues Its Support Of USYCA

NJSCUA's Deepak Katte presents USYCA's Jamie Harrison with donated bats in October 2011

USYCA has received a $200 donation from the New Jersey State Cricket Umpires Association, along with this message of support:

"Dear Jamie,

On behalf of NJSCUA, I personally appreciate the effort you and your organization is making to promote cricket at schools/grassroots level in this country.

As a wise man once said, "You reap what you sow."

NJSCUA believes the "right investment" to make in the "cricketing domain" at the current juncture is to invest in developing cricket amongst American youth, in educating them in the game, its values and traditions, which will eventually lead to the strengthening of the sport in America, and building a future generation of players who will be able to represent our country with pride and success at the international level.

Now, as any cricket administrator tasked with this uphill task will vouch, this job is easier said than done in this part of the world... This is primarily due to the various challenges (e.g. to create the interest necessary to sustain a development program, lack of infrastructure, etc.) one is likely to encounter along the road and may drop all such plans like a hot potato. Hundreds and thousands of aspiring young cricketers from across the country must be coached in the basic skills of the game, with a view to creating a pool of talent that will go forward and one day compete at national level, and potentially play international cricket for the US national senior team.

United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) is one noble organization who has steadfastly taken up this and other challenges, head-on, and has been successful in its own way in achieving its goals so far.

NJSCUA recognizes and appreciates the efforts of USYCA and its office bearers & volunteers, led by their President Jamie Harrison, who have taken a leading role in this direction via its ongoing efforts to tirelessly promote, encourage and foster youth and woman's cricket development in the USA and hence shares the same goals as NJSCUA and hence has no hesitation in supporting USYCA in their efforts.

I have been reading and following your activities with respect to school cricket for some time now and I think your organization's school cricket program is by far the best sports program of this country.

USYCA has provided umpteen ways and means for skills development, coaching and competition in cricket to youth (of either gender) to maximize their individual cricket potential and enjoyment, and to provide a variety of pathways for a life-long enjoyment of the game for players of all ages and skills alike. Additionally we believe that USYCA is selflessly committed to provide future teenage cricketers an invaluable opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop skills of this illustrious game which is so dear to all of us.

Thanks to your organization, Cricket in school systems is now becoming a necessity across the country.

All in all on behalf of NJSCUA, I'm very excited to continue our support to USYCA, this year and every year going forward for years to come. We are confident your organization will continue to do the good work towards achieving your goals. I sincerely hope that one day, not too long from now, when cricket is played nationwide in the schools, you can sit on the side and cherish the moment.

Good Luck again.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Deepak Katte
President, NJSCUA"


USYCA deeply appreciates the ongoing friendship of Deepak Katte and NJSCUA, as without supporters such as these, the USYCA mission would be far more difficult to achieve. It is due to their belief in the future of cricket in the United States that such progress as has already been made is possible, and will continue to be made.

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