United States Youth Cricket Association
United States Youth Cricket Association
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Youth Cricket: It's What We Do

Are you with a league, club or other organization that wants to start or grow a youth cricket program, but don't know where to start? No worries! USYCA has an easy, no-cost, out-of-the-box solution, that leaves you in complete control of your program. It's a tested, scalable blueprint for youth cricket development and mass adoption.

No strings, no demands, no hassles. Just cricket.

The United States Youth Cricket Association was created in 2010, and its first task was to initiate mass participation in introductory cricket in America. Since cricket was virtually unknown outside traditional demographics (families with roots in cricket-playing countries), the challenge presented was not insignificant. To accomplish this objective, USYCA has:

- donated over 1,200 cricket sets to US schools

- worked with individuals, leagues and clubs to conduct free training sessions

- launched new junior cricket programs almost entirely composed of children with no cricket experience

- tirelessly promoted cricket in local and national media

- forged partnerships with major brands such as Reebok, MetLife and DreamCricket

USYCA is also keenly interested in the promotion and expansion of youth cricket programs where they already exist. To help these programs grow and develop, USYCA has:

- Helped to fund new cricket pitches

- Acquired the use of Foxfire Field in Kansas as a site for national youth tournaments

- Brought top-level coaches, such as Irish women's wicketkeeper Valmai Gee and international fielding coach Mike Young to youth cricket programs

- Donated cricket sets to programs looking to expand into area schools

- Publicized youth cricket activities in local and national media

Next year, USYCA will :

- add more schools playing cricket

- add more new junior cricket programs

- create new junior cricket leagues

- donate to local pitch construction

Are you and your group ready to get started? Tired of talking about youth cricket, but never actually DOING youth cricket? The next step is the easiest: just contact USYCA at info@usyca.org. We have the experience, a track record of success and the resources to get your youth program started immediately.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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