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Our View: USACA CEO's Declaration Denigrates American Volunteers



In an article published on August 10 on shreveporttimes.com, USACA CEO Darren Beazley seemed to publicly dismiss years of effort and sacrifice by American volunteers. Beazley is quoted as saying that work to expose youth to the game hasn't had "any impact on getting kids to migrate to the sport."

While such a statement is semantically illogical (not to mention demonstrably false), what concerns us more is the incredible arrogance and disdain for others it conveys.

USYCA has had the honor of working with hundreds of hard-working individuals across the United States who have sacrificed time, energy and money to introduce cricket to American children. We find it stunning that the person brought in from the other side of the world and then foisted upon us as the leader of the supposedly "peak body" in US cricket should, in our opinion, be so disrespectful of those people and their labors.

These words are especially insulting as they come from the leader of an organization that has, in our view, demonstrated no vision for spreading the game in America, and struggles just to keep itself from being the target of endless scorn and ridicule.

Still, perhaps we should not be surprised.

After almost fifty years of associate membership in the ICC, the USA's position in the world game is depressingly low and seems likely to stay that way for a long time to come. In our view, this endless parade of sad outcomes is a direct result of consistently failed leadership, and a distinct lack of vision at the top.

The statement made by the USACA CEO, only recently arrived in this country from Australia, is, we think, reflective of the callous disregard with which American cricket is viewed in Dubai. Whereas we here in the States know that, given the chance, we could lead our nation to cricket greatness, we are instead forced to endure dysfunctional governance propped up, against our will, by a foreign body.

The time has come for change. No longer is the status quo, where out-of-touch administrators smugly dictate to American volunteers, an acceptable state of affairs. We believe that a fresh start, a start controlled from the grassroots by those doing the hard work of building the game, is required.

To those who labor in the fields of American grassroots cricket, we say: Ignore those who neither understand your passion nor share your vision for the game.

USACA's Australian CEO may think that the time and efforts of American volunteers are wasted on American children, but we at USYCA do not. We stand with you, and are prepared to work long hours at your side, as together we set the United States on the path to greatness.

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