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Missouri YCA Completes 2nd 2013 Tournament



USYCA has received the following from Affiliate Member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:

Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA), is proud to announce the completion of 2nd Tournament of Season 2013. MYCA Tournament #2 had three levels Beginners, Intermediary and Advance.

Here are the Results:

Level #1:

Champions:                                                 Vikings

MVP:                                  Ritu Singh (Scored 157 Runs and took 9 Wickets)

Best Batsman:                              Avigna Kamma (Scored 117 runs)

Best Bowler:                                   Aadit Keswani (took 9 Wickets)

Most Improved Player:      Parth Patel (Scored 105 Runs and took 7 Wickets)

Level #2:

Champions:                                            Master Blasters

MVP:                                  Yuvraj Singh (Scored 116 Runs and took 9 Wkts)

Best Batsman:                           Kausthubh Budoor (Scored 107 runs)

Best Bowler:                                 Mehul Kapoor (took 10 Wickets)

Most Improved Player:                             Rahul Dodda        

Rookie Player:                                        Vineel Kothuri

Level #3:

Champions:                                             MYCA Blues

MVP:                                                      Sparsh Kumar

Best Batsman:                                         Yash Palhan

Best Bowler:                                             Rob Ewing

MYCA also has video highlights from 6th and 7th game of Level #1 and 7th game of Level #2 posted on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_xfbaLabDA

Curently 80% of the kids at Level #1 and #2 are 7-9 years old and 20% are 10 and 11 years old. They got introduced to Cricket less than a year ago and the amount of improvement they have shown makes us very proud.

MYCA successfully completed 3 sessions of its Academy program. A short video from its session #1 is posted on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLQtn_OYaEw

MYCA has its first school presentation/demo scheduled on 17th August 2013 in St. Louis Downtown at SLLIS Back to School Block party where more than 900 people are expected to attend.

Please visit www.mocricket.org for details.

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