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United States Youth Cricket Association
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USYCA Welcomes Minnesota Cricket Association


USYCA has the pleasure of welcoming the Minnesota Cricket Association as an Associate Member. The MCA was formed in 1976, and has been growing cricket in Minnesota ever since.

"No sport can be popular unless children, youth, schools and colleges are actively engaged," said Masaood Yunus, President of the MCA. "To be a successful cricketer, the understanding of basics, tactics and strategy aspect of the game should begin at a very young age. There is already a well established system in place in US for sports development. Go no further, learn from soccer development in US during the past 15 years. We in the US love sports, and all we need is better organization and focus to popularise cricket as well.

"Cricket has to shed its 'immigrant's game' tag in the US if it wants to go mainstream. USYCA's success is an excellent example of how to set the trend and direction for cricket development. It is absolutely important for all cricket organizers to support, appreciate and contribute to this effort," Yunus said.

"Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA) recognize USYCA's effort and will actively collaborate with USYCA for development of cricket in Minnesota and in the US at large," said Yunus. "I also urge all cricket organizers across the country to make it a priority to collaborate and partner with USYCA, and fully facilitate this effort by contributing talent, organizational skills, experience and financial support."

"It's exciting to be associated with an organization as distinguished at the Minnesota Cricket Association," said USYCA President Jamie Harrison. "The MCA has a long history of success, and its leadership team is committed to the development of cricket at all levels. We couldn't be more pleased to have them on board."                                                



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