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Cricket At Bowie Boys and Girls Club


USYCA is pleased to announce that the Bowie (MD) Boys and Girls Club will be adding cricket to its sports offerings for Summer 2012. BBGC, which has been in operation since 1963, offers many sports, including baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football and lacrosse, and now cricket, the world's second-most popular spectator sport, has joined that list.

The program will run from early July to mid-August as an instructional clinic, and will be offered for only $45 per child, with USYCA supplying the equipment at no cost to BBGC. Players participating in the program will receive a hat and tee-shirt, in addition to six weeks of cricketing excitement. The BBGC will be opening up registration for cricket early in 2012, and will advertise the program in area schools, many of which began playing cricket in 2010.

"This will be a great opportunity for children to get involved in a sport starting from scratch," said Andrew Karnes of the BBGC. "All of the children will begin on a level playing field. I feel that with some good marketing and more schools in the area providing cricket as a unit of study, that the sport will really catch on. We're also hoping to attract players outside of the Bowie area."

Karnes also noted that there are not many chances for children to play cricket outside of school at this time, due to a lack of equipment and knowledge of the game. The BBGC program should help to change that.

"This is a groundbreaking moment for youth cricket in America," said USYCA President Jamie Harrison. "This is just the beginning of what I believe will soon be an avalanche of cricket programs at community youth sports organizations."





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