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United States Youth Cricket Association
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Midland ES in Elkins, West Virginia Loves Cricket!


PE instructor Todd Price of Midland Elementary School in Elkins, West Virgina has introduced cricket to his students.

Speaking of the new experience, Price said, "I think by relating and comparing similarities to baseball does help, and by making smaller teams and modifying the overs each (student) gets it has gone well. They love (getting) the 6 runs and 4 runs over the boundaries.

"I like it because it does show them a different activity and the skills are not complex other than the bowling. Also, the terminology used is great, because they have not heard these terms before and how they relate, but I am seeing their "light swithches" come on and it does improve on their team working skills. Heck, until I watched the video you sent me, I did not know this was an American sport, and when I tell others what I am doing, this is their first response is, "Oh, the game from England...."

He tells us that he will also be sending some video as well.




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