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Prince George's County PE Teachers Get Their Cricket On

September 21, 2010


On Monday, USYCA President Jamie Harrison delivered cricket sets donated by DreamCricket.com to Physical Education teachers in Prince George's County, Maryland. Jamie also instructed the teachers in the basics of cricket before leading them in a fun-filled game outside of Kenmoor Elementary School. As the teachers left, each was was given a Gray-Nicolls Lazer cricket set for use in their school.


The Gray-Nicolls sets donated by DreamCricket.


At the beginning of the session, Jamie spoke about the history of cricket in America, the benefits of the game for children, and the mission of the USYCA. After this, Jamie described a simplified version of cricket, in which a soft ball is tossed underhand to novice players, and the emphasis is squarely placed on fun.

Also introduced was fellow PE teacher Charles Silberman, who has volunteered to become the county coordinator for the USYCA Schools Program. In this capacity, Charles will stay in close contact with the teachers, helping them to make cricket a regular part of their PE classes; he will also help to organize future clinics and community youth leagues in the county.


PGCPS Coordinator Charles Silberman


At this point, the teachers gathered outside for some "hands on" learning. The group was divided into two teams, and the fun began.

Similar events for teachers in other Prince George's County schools are already in the works.

Added 10/7/2010 - Cindy Donn, PE instructor at Vansville ES, added to her students experience with this homework assignment:

"Learn a fact about the sport of Cricket. Be prepared to share with the class next week during P.E. class. This does not have to be written but you might want to write it down so you do not forget it. Some possible facts you could learn are: names of Cricket equipment, number of players on a team, names of positions in the sport of Cricket, the country or countries of origin, the size of a Cricket field. This assignment will be posted on the P.E. website." Great job, Ms. Donn!


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