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Elementary School In Missouri Gets Cricket Set, Instruction


The following has been received from USYCA Affiliate Member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:

On October 1st, 2013 MYCA conducted a two hour presentation at Pheasant Point Elementary School. The presentation was done in the school gym and was attended by the fifth grade students.

The presentation included an introduction of MYCA and the reason for promoting cricket. It was followed by a video presentation of "What Is Cricket" and an explanation of how it is played. And then we had an interactive session where the students had opportunity to try the game.

MYCA had forwarded informational material to Susan Harris, the PE Teacher, who had enthusiastically shared it with all the kids and also had given them some advanced training, and that made the demonstration very easy and interactive.

There were lots of students willing to answer questions related to cricket. A few students already knew the basic techniques and rules. Susan's older son Evan started with MYCA Cricket Academy about 2 months ago, and soon developed to be one of the leading scorers in the tournament currently being conducted. Cricket is a fun sport to play and once the player learns the basics rules and techniques it is easy to adapt. With a little help from parents and coaches they can grow quickly.

We would like to thank Pheasant Point Elementary School for giving us an opportunity to introduce the sport to their students. We would also like to thank USYCA for providing the complimentary cricket set for the school.

For video visit our website or http://youtu.be/qSLdHAXTuYQ

For more photographs visit our website http://mocricket.org/gallery.php


Priya R Singh
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) http://www.mocricket.org/



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