United States Youth Cricket Association
United States Youth Cricket Association
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American Cricket Academy Joins USYCA


American Cricket Academy and Club is focused on promoting the Art of Cricket with young girls and boys for ages 5 to 17 years. We provide a wide variety of options from social cricket to serious curriculum based programs designed to help young athletes excel. Amid all the passion for the game, ACAC believes in maintaining an on-field fair play, and off-field family oriented culture. ACAC is a parent volunteer run nonprofit organization. None of the board or volunteers receive any compensation. Parent volunteers play key role in the growth of the club.

Our Mission

- To provide highest standards of programs and coaching to grow youth cricket in our region.
- To provide a safe and healthy environment, conducive to development.
- To provide the best playing opportunities for our players.
- Above All -To provide our youth guidance and educational resources so they will be more productive citizens in society!

Our Story

Ajay Jhamb and Sue Harris first met when their kids started playing cricket together in 2013. They came to realize they had a shared passion for sports and kids along with a similar philosophy on how to run a team. His ability to translate his cricket experience to train and nurture the youth while making the game a fun and exciting experience is second to none! Sue's experience as a trained Physical Education teacher and her experience coaching other sports, along with her work in the pharmaceutical industry allow her an opportunity to coordinate the team from a different perspective. They came with lots of passion and enthusiasm and even bigger ideas about how to run a youth program. After coaching their kids and a couple of others in a local tournament they discussed starting their own Academy at a pitch closer to both their families. They didn't want the youth program to be just about growing cricket, but about growing productive citizens -boys and girls- for tomorrow.

Ajay and Sue started in May 2015 with practice one day a week with just a handful of kids. Two were Ajay's and 3 were Sue's along with a couple of others from the OFCL men's league. In June they held a 3 day camp and were excited to have 14 kids attend. Launching this was not without challenges. Due to rainy weather they had to cancel more practices than they were able to hold. They continued to persevere. Soon they were holding 2 practices with more athletes joining every week. Word was spreading that they were doing something different. In July they held another camp. Over 30 athletes attended. They incorporated mental math to emphasize the importance they wanted to convey to the athletes of education. They also introduced the athletes to yoga to remind them that even in sports there is a mind and body connection. They provided the youth with lunch and healthy snacks to promote making good choices for healthy eating habits. Guess what, when not given junk food to choose from the kids do eat fruits and vegetables! They even mixed in water balloon and water gun activities; after all, the heat index was over 110 some days. Still the kids didn't want it to end! The parents were noticing. Parents started asking how they could help as well. Parents now help coordinate many aspects of the program, including stepping up to help with coaching and making sure the team is well fed!

With the overwhelming success of the camps, the little youth program they began was quickly becoming something bigger. Sue and Ajay are incorporating community events, service projects and school programs as part of their continued drive to show not just their local community, but the entire state of Missouri and surrounding areas the true spirit of Cricket!

Due to their growth in 3 short months 2 men's leagues in the area have now committed to supporting American Cricket Academy. OFCL, MHCL (the 2 men's leagues) and the youth program have now become one program. American Cricket Academy and Club. They have recognized that the youth need a dedicated pitch for the 50+ youth now attending. ACAC hopes to become the standard for youth cricket in America, not the exception. We are not just cricket.



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