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Missouri YCA Hosts Special Session With Guest Coaches


The following has been received from USYCA Affiliate Member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:

The Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) Academy, after successfully completing its 2013 season with more than 80 hours of cricket training having been delivered, regrouped on November 16 at Bales Park for a special session. The youth players and parents were invited primarily to introduce them to Michael Voss, who has committed to support MYCA Academy as a coach in 2014. Mr. Voss, who hails from South Africa, has opened batting with Gary Kirsten in his cricket days, and is a friend of ICC Chairman Dave Richardson. He shared information about his high contacts with various national cricket boards and international players all around the world and he explained how a small cricket organization like MYCA can greatly benefit from his commitment to help as a coach.

The session was led by Ranjeet Singh, MYCA Academy Head Coach along with Vikas Palhan, who is also an academy coach, parent volunteers such as Fred Harris and Phil Ewing, along with Priya Singh and Angela Kapoor, making the session even more fun for the players. The last 30 minutes of the session was also attended by Jatin Patel.

Jatin Patel is a very accomplished, prominent and well known personality in the cricket world. He has played and coached at the national level. He is Vice President of USYCA. He is President of Indiana Youth Cricket Association and has single handedly spread cricket to more than 240 schools in Indiana. Mr. Patel's contribution extends to other states and also internationally. Missouri, where the introduction of cricket to schools has just started, is thankful to Mr. Patel for stopping by and sharing his experience.

Mr. Patel gave a 30 minute bowling session to the kids in a very basic broken down formats, which the kids found very interesting. It also included an introduction to spin bowling. He met with coaches and also shared some of his coaching secrets and tips for a successful Academy program. Mr. Patel has worked closely with many leading cricket academies and coaching camps in America, so MYCA is grateful for his time and input.

The practice session was followed by one hour discussion between Priya Singh, Missouri YCA President, and Jatin Patel, Indiana YCA President, which continued for another 3 hours at dinner meeting as both discussed various aspects of working together and helping cricket. Indiana and Missouri are neighboring states, and a partnership can benefit young cricket players of both the states in future. Mr. Patel also shared his vision of making youth cricket success in other states of USA in a very near future and the launch of new youth cricket initiatives. MYCA is committed to fully supporting Mr. Patel and any other youth cricket initiatives under the USYCA umbrella.

USYCA has been the biggest supporter of Missouri Youth Cricket Program. It helped MYCA with their Build-A-Pitch program which allowed us to have a dedicated cricket pitch for youth in our region. It also provides the free cricket sets, without which the school program will be extremely difficult to initiate. Mr. Patel and Ms. Singh both are on the USYCA Board and this meeting can be considered a prime example of team work and camaraderie within the USYCA officers.

The Cricket Academy is the primary focus of MYCA. The Academy provides a platform for dedicated and focused coaching, giving an opportunity for kids to learn and grow quickly.

We can promote a program via plans and promises, or we can promote with proven results. MYCA does have future plans and want to help USYCA in spreading cricket at the grassroots, but we want to let the quality of kids in our academy be the reflection of our work and success. We hope some of these kids will be our ambassadors and the community, parents and teachers who are now hesitant to come out and support will readily join in, seeing how much the players are enjoying the sport and how much they have learned and grown at the MYCA Academy.

Thank you,
Ranjeet Singh

Secretary & Academy Coach, Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA)



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