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Germantown Kids CC Travels To Virginia To Play Wicket Club Team


The following has been received from USYCA Affiliate Member Germantown Kids Cricket Club:


Weather getting cold is no reason to not play cricket. In the Mid-Atlantic, 2 teams: Germantown Kids Cricket Club (GKCC) from Maryland; and the Wicket Club (WC) in Virginia, found a way to continue playing friendly games in indoor setup at the Wicket Club location in Virginia. On November 10 the third match in an ongoing series between teams from two neighboring states was played. Being indoors, the usual outdoor match rules were modified (and some new ones created - for example, negative points for an out) which resulted in an exciting, fast paced match between two worthy opponents.

GKCC won by 30 runs, having scored 108 versus 78 from WC.

From GKCC, double digit scores from several team players helped propel final tally: Tanuj Shah (21); Varun Gangadharan and Nikhil Sahni (18 each); Udai Singh (15); Ritwik Yaragudis (12); Rohit Gore (5); Sanjith Narayanan and Raghav Haridas (4 each) Shankar Haridas (3); Ishaan Verma and Ameya Deshmukh added 2 each.

On WC side, Shakeel Bawa (19); Wazeer Bawa (15); Tejas Singh (11); Sidharth Vasireddy (9) and Aadya Nair (8); Aseem Awasthi (7); Shiv Nair (2) and Anadi Awasthy (1) contributed.

Both sides' bowlers performed just as well.

From GKCC, Raghav Haridas took an impressive 3 wickets in a single-maiden over, while his brother, Shankar Haridas took additional 3 wickets over 2 overs with just 4 runs. Some of the other bowlers statistics are: Sanjith Narayanan (2 for 19 in 4 overs; 1 of which was a maiden over with 1 wicket); Tanuj Shah (3 for 17 in 4 overs); Rohit Gore (0 for 23 in 4 overs); Varun Gangadharan (1 for 5 in 1 over); Ishaan Verma (0 for 10 in 1 over)

WC bowlers showcased an equally impressive performance: Sidharth Vasireddy took 3 wickets in a single-maiden over. Some of the other bowlers: Aseem Awasthi (1 for 10 in 12 overs); Shiv Nair (0 for 25 in 4 overs); Shakeel Bawa l (1 for 24 in 4 overs); Anadi Awasthy (0 for 17 in 2 overs); Aadya Nair (0 for 2 in 1 over); Aarez Amin (0 for 13 in 2 overs); Wazeer Bawa (0 for 4 in 1 over)

After the exciting match the two teams shared lunch provided by WC parents. GKCC, the current Maryland state champion, has an overall score of 3-0 against WC after this third game. The 4th match of this series being planned for December. The enthusiasm and camaraderie shared by players and parents from both teams is consistently demonstrated in these friendly matches and helps create a positive environment for the game to flourish.


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