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Youth Cricket Developed Spurred In Northeastern Indiana


A youth cricket camp was recently held in Fort Wayne, Indiana that was attended by more than sixty people, including more than twenty-five youth players, there to learn the basics of the game, and twenty local cricketers, who were there for training as youth coaches. Ajay Lakhe organized the camp on behalf of the Indiana Youth Cricket Association, and is looking forward to overseeing youth cricket developments in Northern Indiana, including team building.

“The Fort Wayne cricket camp was a fantastic event which brought the community together to learn a new sport," said Ajay Lakhe. "It's great to see local youth taking on the challenge of learning the not-quite-baseball sport of cricket in a daylong camp. I would like to personally thank Mr. Jatin Patel, our coach, who took his valuable time to teach the children of Fort Wayne the basics of cricket. I’d also like to thank our sponsors, Taj Mahal & KUMON, for making this a successful event.

"I’m really looking forward to having additional camps in the coming months.

"After the camp on November 11, more than ten parents contacted me to indicate that they’d like to continue the cricket camps on a weekly basis in this area, as a way to develop youth cricket and provide the players with training support from cricket coaches," said Lakhe.

Jatin Patel said, “On behalf of Indiana Cricket, we would like to extend our thanks to the volunteers that helped throughout the whole event with great enthusiasm. The camp would not have been a success without the contribution from each one of you, and we look forward to your participation in the future events. Local cricket teams the Fort Wayne Panthers and Warriors did a fantastic job on this event, and such youth cricket events do require much support and sponsors.


"After this successful daylong youth cricket camp, Indiana Youth Cricket plans to host four more camps in Fort Wayne during this winter, on Dec 9, 16, Jan 6 and Jan 13. This will help to bring new youth to our program, besides our normal route to reach local area schools for youth cricket," said Patel.




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