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USYCA Receives Grant From Apple Pickers Foundation


USYCA has received a grant in the amount of $22,000 from the Apple Pickers Foundation, a charitable organization based in Westerly, Rhode Island. The grant has already been put to good use, being key in the acquisition of nearly 600 additional American Cricket Champ sets, which will soon find their way into the hands of schoolchildren across the country.

"APF is pleased to support USYCA's efforts to promote the sport of cricket in American schools and youth organizations - not because we are big fans of cricket (though we are) or because we would one day like to see the U.S. compete in a cricket world cup (we would!), but because we truly believe that there is a place for cricket as a fun and healthy alternative to other team sports in this country," Foundation Trustee John Warburg wrote. "It's a game that can be played by boys and girls of all ages and skill levels and is as much a teacher of strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship as it is of hand-eye coordination and athleticism.

"We are also very impressed by the passion that Jamie has brought to spreading the word about cricket and believe that his passion and commitment to promoting positive activities for children, especially in under-served communities, should be encouraged and supported," wrote Warburg.

USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, "We are incredibly honored to have the support of the Apple Pickers Foundation. The cricket sets purchased with this grant will now be made available to tens of thousands of American children, and will soon be making their appearances in schools across the country," Harrison said.

"Without the trust and faith of wonderful organizations like the Apple Pickers Foundation, it would not be possible for USYCA to continue its mission, and for that extension of trust I am personally grateful," said Harrison.












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