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USYCA President Humbled By Aravind Spirit of Cricket Award


USYCA President Jamie Harrison said Dec. 27 that he is "humbled and honored" to be named as the first recipient of the Shekhar Aravind Award for Spirit of Cricket, presented by the New Inning Foundation and announced on DreamCricket.com.

"It's particularly moving for me to be selected for an award that is named for Shekhs," Harrison said. "Shekhs was a man of great vision and leadership who clearly saw the need to develop youth cricket and to take the game to the American mainstream. This also is the mission of USYCA.

"Of course, in a larger sense, this award is not only mine, but also belongs to those who share in our work and have done so much to make our success possible. I have had the good fortune over these past two years to partner with so many truly selfless lovers of cricket - people who seek nothing for themselves except the opportunity to help grow the game in America. Without them, people like me are just voices in the wilderness.

"I have always believed in the old agage, 'No man can be successful unless a whole lot of other people want him to be,' and the dramatic growth of USYCA is clear proof of this.

"Having been deeply humbled and honored by this recognition, I look forward with great excitement to what lies ahead for both USYCA and American cricket. I have always believed that great things are just around the corner, and knowing what I know now, I am more convinced of this than ever.

"It's truly a wonderful time to be involved in cricket in the United States."



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