Mission Statement

The USYCA will popularize the sport of cricket in the United States by promoting its adoption in schools, summer camps and youth organizations. We will organize children into community "softball" cricket leagues, and then channel children toward appropriate academies and training facilities for advanced coaching. We will add value to the local community by promoting an active lifestyle for all children through the playing of cricket.

The United States Youth Cricket Association, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland, is dedicated to introducing our great sport to American children. We will support local youth cricket organizations by sharing funding, printed and digital resources, and "best practices." We are also a network of dedicated volunteers who give our time, energy and money to bring cricket to schools. USYCA will work closely with clubs, training facilities and academies; we will be a feeder system for them, supplying a steady flow of new, young cricketers with which to fill their ranks. We are also firmly committed to fully developing women's cricket by drawing girls into our sport at an early age.

Our Executive Team

Ranjeet Singh, President (Missouri)
Roy Fernando, Vice President (Maryland)
Vidya Srinivasan, Vice President (California)
Senthamarai Kannan Ayyakkannu, NYCL Director (Pennsylvania)
Mahendra Marathe, Social Media (Maryland)

Members at Large

Priya Singh, Missouri
Christina Tucker, Missouri
Patel Samuels, Atlanta
Nick Dressler Missouri


Social Media